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MARK-AIR PRO two shot

MARK-AIR PRO two shot


Product Information

This is the two shot PRO version of the best selling two shot standard. It gives faster pressure recharging,works to a higher pressure and has an improved working range. It also has the ability to come with a four sound system or have it factory added at a later date.  

Radio range works out to 300 yards* from the user and launchers dummies up to 100 feet. In walked up training this puts the dummy out on the field at the same distance a shot bird would be expected to land, for distance marks a straight up launch is easily seen out to 200 yards away. The launcher angle is adjusted by two levers from a springing teal  to low partridge  in seconds. 

By using one or two twin dummy adaptors the machine can launch up to 4 dummies two at a time in different directions giving a nice left and right about 70 feet apart. 
A tennis ball adaptor is also available which can launch one or two tennis balls out up to 150 feet. Great for retriever work or as a bolting rabbit type distraction. 

Highly portable with a rear handle built in the unit is very low profile so easy to conceal and weights just over 7KG 
The launcher comes complete ready to work with two dummies and a intelligent charger . Charging takes 1 to 3 hrs. dep on usage . Expect approx 40 to 50 shots per charge.   In-between shot time for pressure recharge is 15 seconds (the time you have to wait between the first and second shot)
Radio reception will vary depending on external factors such as terrain,weather and local interference.  


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