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MarK Air 6 Shot SEL

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    The SEL model is a new range designed for training groups and the likes. It is super easy to use and built to a slight higher performance level. This model utilises a new 15ah GEL battery which is the biggest power source of any launcher available. It can fire 50 dummies between battery charges and the battery can be swapped over to a recharged one in the field tool free if you needed more. It makes use of a very high performance 20a compressor  that can re fill each cylinder in 9 seconds to 20% higher than our S model and by far the highest pressure available on any launcher worldwide. The unit can fire two dummies within a second of each other and takes just 9 seconds between single dummies to re-fill itself.  . Offered on a small footprint chassis of just 50 x 40 CM it is very compact and the smallest 6 shot launcher to date.

    THE PRICE INCLUDES Everything you need to use the launcher straight out the box. 6X dummies, Handset and Smart Charger. 

    To operate from charged simply slide the canvas dummies over the spigots, turn on and that is it. To fire a dummy simply press the corresponding button (1 to 6)  on the handset from up to 200 meters away. Each dummy will launch straight up to 90 feet or on an angle generally 60 feet and land 80 feet away from the launcher .

    An optional extra can be added to fire two dummies at once so making it a seven shot machine (5+2) or two adaptor's can be added making it capable of firing 8 dummies (5+2+2) .

    Also a tennis ball tube is available making it fire either one or two tennis balls at a time. 

    The angle can  be altered in second seconds to make if fire all 6 in one direction or 3 one way and 3 in the opposite direction. 

    Designed for repeat marking exercises with minimal return to the launcher required .

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    All round top launcher

    I added speakers and 2 x double shots great bit of kit, thanks Paul

    Shayne Price | Brecon | November 2023