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Mark air 6 Shot BLACK Special Edition

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    The 6 Shot BLACK is a Special Edition built for that customer who requires a top of the range unit with a matching sound system .Its currently works to the highest pressure of any lair launcher and has by far the largest capacity battery.

    Its a no compromise build spec The compressor is the most powerful unit on any dummy launcher anywhere with outstanding performance and reduces a standard reservoir re-fill from 8 to just 5 seconds on S setting. Flick the switch to H setting and the unit will add another 20% more air pressure giving the longest launcher possible to-date from an air powered launcher . To power this unit we have up-rated the normal 15ah battery to again a class leading 20AH Lithium unit which has power management built in . All this extra performance adds no more weight to this Special than the already outstanding 6 SEL model . 

    Sound sytem is a 15watt separate unit 

    Remote opertaion is handled by a simple to undetsand 8 button handset . Buttons 1 to 6 fire a dummy each buttons 7 & 8 operate the remote sound speaker sytem that can be placed anywere either near or away from the launcher  or even used seperatly as a stand alone sound sytem . 

    A thick carry handle and shoulder strap aid getting thsi unit to it's location .

    The 6 special comes with 3 short streamer dummies 3 regular dummies and 2 extra dummies that fit on the double dummy adapters that can be easily fitted without tools in 10 seconds. These make the unit fire 2x dummies in opposite directions at the same time so the 6 special can acctuly put 8 dummies out bbefore you need to return to the unit to reload them . 

    Its fully automatic the operator only needs to put the dummies onto the spigots and pick the desired angles of dummy launch. It can do 3 each way in a V figuration or 6 in the same direction or 3 as bolting rabbits distraction and 3 as high bird launches . Each cylinder fires 3 dummies and has a 120 deg angle of setting . After this the unit re pressurises itself after each shot .It can fire 2 dummies in close succession or in S setting all 6 dummies singular 5 seconds apart . In H setting it can take 8 seconds between each dummy . Its estimated in S setting the unit will fire 80 launchers between charges ...so plenty for a group training session.

    Weight approx 12KG

    Radio range of launcher 150 meters (tested) 300 meters in optimum condition 

    Radio range of speaker ..100 meters tested   200 meters in optimum conditions 

    Battery 20ah Lithium Iron with management built into its hardware . L/I 2 or 3A Charger included 

    Compressor 480 series  with 100 duty cycle @ S setting 

    8 X dummies included 

    2 x double dummy adaptor's included 

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