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MARK AIR 4 SHOT Self Powered Dummy Launcher

The Worlds First self powered dummy launcher The MARK-AIR

4 Shot remote dummy launcher                                                                                   
Self powered unit is fully autonomous, all the user has to do is slide on the dummies. The launcher automatically charges itself between shots ready for the next firing.
Ultra simple to use. Simply place on the ground slide on the dummies turn on the unit and in 30 seconds it's ready to fire...
Variable angles from all 4 in one direction or 2 in each direction V formation or anywhere in between.
On board 12Ah Gel battery can fir 70 to 100 shots between charges. It is externally mounted so can be swapped for another if required even in the field.
Virtually zero £££ operating cost as no expensive blanks to buy or run out of.
Works up to 200 yards away from user
Gives a good visual mark from over 150+ yards away and can be heard firing at that distance.
Significantly quieter than a.22 launcher so can be used in more built up areas, but loud enough to be easily heard at 150 metres away.
Uses dedicated dummies which last significantly longer than .22 type. These are similar in shape and style to regular launcher dummies.
A two shot adaptor is also available which can fire two dummies in different directions at the same time. This can be used to multiply the amount of dummies the launcher can fire so save you returning to the launcher to re supply dummies. Eg a single adaptor would allow the machine to put out 5 shots (2 +1+1+1) two adaptors would allow 6 dummies (2+2+1+1)
A tennis ball launcher is also available. This fires one or two tennis balls out to 50 metres, or can be angled to give a rolling ball into cover or distraction such as a bolting rabbit.
The launcher can fire a combination of both (Canvas or a tennis ball) at the same time.
Fires up to 60 ft. height which is easily long enough air time for a good mark by the dog.
Fires dummies out to 30 metres from the launcher, so excellent for repeat marking exercise. Set up in a V formation the launcher can put out a left and right 100 feet apart to help with direction, memory and marking.
Suitable for younger dogs as well as more experienced dog up to any level. Due to its quieter characteristics we have found it possible to start a younger dog on dummy marking without the fear of gun shy being a problem.
Mostly alloy and ABS construction so no rusting issues.
Comes with charger, handset and 4 dummies all ready to go

Mark Air 4 shots are built to order so please allow 45 days for dispatch.

DUMMIES when bought with Launcher
Tennis Ball Tube
Double Dummies Adapter

Price: £850.00

MARK AIR 4 SHOT Self Powered Dummy Launcher
MARK AIR 4 SHOT Self Powered Dummy Launcher MARK AIR 4 SHOT Self Powered Dummy Launcher MARK AIR 4 SHOT Self Powered Dummy Launcher MARK AIR 4 SHOT Self Powered Dummy Launcher

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