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Manual Fill double Launcher

Manual Fill double Launcher


Product Information

This is a very effective, inexpensive and reliable launcher . The manual fill is just that, you fill the unit with air manually via a  bike stirrup pump or a rechargeable compressor. Its relative quick and easy to do usually taking just 10 pumps for a good fill or 30 seconds with a battery pump . Once done the unit will launch the dummies from 150 meters away from the handset . A very portable and robust launcher ( we use these at gamefairs) . This gives people with less budget access to the advantages of remote dummy launchers at a price point that's probably the lowest worldwide . On a personal note I have trained two of my dogs using these launchers...I like them they are simple and effective at what they do. One advantage is you can low pressure these to trickle fire a tennis ball with the adaptor for pups etc without alarming them . The unit runs from 8x AA batteries which can last up to a year with average use. 

The base package comes with handset and two canvas dummies . Just supply your own filling device andits ready to go straight out the box 

Available with extras such as double dummy adaptor. This allows you to fire out two dummies at once with one shot. Giving a very nice left and right. Tennis ball adaptor is also available allowing you to fire tennis balls out instead of a dummy 

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