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iBird Realistic Dummies'

NEW iBird realistic Dummies

Introducing our iBIRD range of training dummies. These come in two sizes. The smaller  Pheasant is deigned for staring out with a novice/younger dog as its light and has 3D grips sculpted into the body to aid holding.Its light and easy for the dog to carry . The full size Pheasants is about hen size and suitable for a slightly more experienced dog.. The body's are much softer than the  "real fowl" type of dummies. This is so the dog can more easily get a purchase with less slippage which avoids the dog needing to tightening its grip to hold the bird so to not encourage a harder mouth. 

Two sizes of iBird available size 1 is about teal/dove size and suitable for all dogs from youngster to adult .Being smaller means its can be harder for a dog to find and can be thrown much farther so its still very useful for more experienced dogs . Size 3 is more suitable for a dog which is now moving onto real game size and you wish to get used to that size/balance of retrieve like a real pheasant . 

Both iBird dummies float and are super clean to use in the field requiring very little drying or cleaning and so no unpleasant scent/bacteria  to discourage a dog like canvas . They come complete with throwing bead which is far more comfortable and easier to use than just a knot . Free moving head and tail emulated a dead bird and long cord with the throwing bead actively discourages shaking. 

Priced very competitively as is the iLauncher way 

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