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Air Self Powered Launchers

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i Launcher class ourselves as  leaders in Air Powered launchers, being we invented the world's first production model and are now designing and making another world first, self filling launchers for maximum ease of use. I Launcher Air Launchers are used in the World Series Gundog Championships.

Air Powered Launchers. These work from a reservoir of compressed air being stored, then released at high speed when you press the fire button on the handset. This release of air is used to propel a dummy into the air. There are two types manual fill or unique to ourselves are self filling launchers.

Although they don't fire the longer distances of .22 launchers (typically 30 meters compared to 50 with canvas ) this becomes irrelevant for long distance marking as the launcher is placed at distance, the dummy is easily seen from 150 meters away once fired.
Other advantages are they can be used safer at close quarter due to the lower velocity and reduced noise level and are generally simpler to use and more reliable.

There are no restrictions on ownership of our air powered launchers especially in the EU so they may well be used in more built up areas where they can cause less alarm due to the lower noise levels. Our Mark Air range are self powered so they require no blanks or additional propellant. This makes them very economic to use for trainers with many dogs.
Generally air powered launchers can be used on dogs much earlier than .22 launchers

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